Fellas of God

Mission Statement

F.O.G. will demonstrate and exhibit a unified front amongst the brethren.

Vision Statement

F.O.G. are indeed our brother's keeper. If we are not our brother's keeper, then who will be? We are committed to showing love towards one another. This love is shown through various acts. Such acts as but not limited to the following: Mentoring younger males, Providing biblical counsel for everyday life issues, Praying for one another, Encouraging one another, Delivering a word of God in due season, Attending to each others needs both spiritually and naturally. Fellowshipping with one another at venues where we share common interests. Such as sports games, NASCAR, drag racing, fishing, golfing, bowling, camping, and shooting sporting clays and such the like.

Core Values

The word of God, the word of God and the word of God!