Fellas of God

Welcome to the official site of F.O.G. Fellas of God. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The idea of F.O.G. Fellas of God originated several years ago. The original intent was for young men to counter gangs representing their colors. If gangs are proud to show their affiliations, how much prouder should we be to show our affiliation with the most high God?

God has shown me that this idea is not just for young men, but also for all males young and old alike. We as men know how we like to wear things that show our affiliation with things. Whether the thing is a church, university, sport, location, or an event. We like people to know our affiliation. We should be just as eager to show our affiliation with Jesus Christ.

F.O.G. Fellas of God logo/brand merchandise encompasses t-shirts, caps and polo shirts. Currently t-shirts are available. I believe as we F.O.G. Fellas of God sport this merchandise; we can help transcend denominational, cultural, and racial boundaries.

In His Love,

Tony Harris